Cajal stain of spinal cord

Elephant brains prove how amazing—and unique—these animals really are

In 2009, researchers gained permission to study the brains of three elephants that were going to be eliminated from their respective herds as a part of herd management. Neuroscientists were particularly concerned with the study of the cerebral cortex, and the shape of the neurons. This part of the brain, which covers two hemispheres, is responsible for the memory, cognitive processes and social behavior.researchers expected to find the neuron shape to be similar to that of other studied mammals , but they were wrong; elephant neurons as very different.What they found were that elephants had a much more intricate and larger apical dendrite system, which connects and plays a role in conductivity of neuro impulses and transmission of information.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elephants are some of the most special animals on the entire planet at the moment.
  • Contrary to popular belief, elephants are actually extremely smart compared to other animals.
  • Elephants are becoming more rare and rare as time goes on and society should try to preserve them.

“We have thus learned more about the elephant brain in the last 10 years than ever before.”

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