Science Tools for Weight Loss

You’ve Lost the Weight; Now What?

At any time, it is fair to say that millions of people are on some weight loss program.  Those who have succeeded, we salute you. Success, nonetheless, comes with its own drawbacks. Read on for a simple but elegant solution to a common problem. (Note: this only works if you have access to some chemistry lab hardware).

Prevent Wardrobe Malfunction!

You try on that T-shirt & shorts combo that now fits nicely. You head out the door for your morning walk to keep that weight off. You’re not half way down the block & oops, the shorts are now around your knees.  All is not lost, science tools to the rescue.

Science Tools to the Rescue

The solution is obvious-add another notch to your belt. You could use your electric drill or some scissors but it’s a job that takes a steady hand. One slip of a sharp bit or blade & that beautiful leather belt is ruined. The best tool for this is an old fashioned , simple cork borer once found in every chemistry lab.  As you might gather from the name, this is a tool that is used to put a hole in cork stoppers.

Cork Borer-Science Tool Belt Hole Maker
Cork borer sets usually include 10-12 sizes; 3 of the smaller ones are shown here. You simply mark the spot of the next hole, 1 inch away, (1/2 inch for women?) then choose the borer closest in hole size & grind into the leather. A perfect round hole is yours in a few seconds.

 Staying Sharp

Cork borers are now made with pretty thin metal & lose their cutting edge after just a few uses. Sharpening is the answer but with what?

A tapered abrasive stone on a metal rod can be mounted like a regular drill bit. A couple of clicks of the trigger & you’re done. Or, do it by hand with just a few twists of the wrist.

Cinch that belt & start walking!

Science Tools for Weight Loss-Cork Borers to the Rescue
Article Name
Science Tools for Weight Loss-Cork Borers to the Rescue
Cork borers used to be standard equipment in chemistry labs but are now things of the past. If you can find one though, you'll find they are simply the best way to make a neat properly sized hole in a leather belt.
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