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Chemistry Cat Meme

Chemistry Cat Memes that are absolutely Meowgnificent!

In honour of National Cat Day we decided to put together a quick list of  our top 10 favourite Chemistry Cat memes! Here goes!

1.chemistry cat meme

If I had a choice between DNA and RNA, I would choose RNA, Because it has a U in it.


Chemistry Cat meme

I wish your name was Avogadro, because then I would already know your number.


Chemistry Cat meme

When a DNA gene is damaged or changed, Meowtation occurs.


Chemistry Cat Meme

You’re a 10? On the pH scale maybe, cause you basic.


chemistry cat meme

How often di you like jokes about elements? Periodically.



I once wrote a book on Helium, everyone who read it couldn’t put the book down.


best chemistry cat memes

I would’ve given you flowers, but I never botany.


best chem cat memes

When the Hydrogen got arrested the police told him he could make a call, but then he replied “Call who? I don’t have a family”.


chemistry cat joke

I realized I weighed nothing on a milligram scale, and I was like Omg.


chemistry cat memes

Schrodinger’s cat walks into a car… and doesn’t.

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Science Education Promotional Gifts

Everyone is familiar with pens, calendars, notepads, etc. that have been imprinted with company names or events.  Over the years, we have been surprised at how simple science tools have been turned into science gifts & giveaways to promote club activities, commemorate events or celebrate weddings. Many were for people & companies with an involvement in science & technology. Here are just a few examples.

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