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Test strips are available for measuring pH, peroxide, chlorine, quat-QAC, sulfites, phosphates, nitrates, humidity & more.

Supertaster testing strips, not just biology labs.

Taste Testing with PTC

A Matter of Taste?

The range & types of food we eat is truly staggering. Our pantries & refrigerators are full of foods that our pets & other animals can’t, don’t or won’t eat.  We evolved from eating small prey or scavenging our protein & gathering what fruits & berries we could to become the ultimate omnivores we are today.

From this has grown a vast food industry that seeks people with finely tuned taste buds and can identify foods that stand out above the others.

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Can 10ppm of Sulfite & Quat Really Mean Zero?

Can 10ppm Really Be Zero?

Test strips make fairly accurate measurements of pH levels, concentrations of sanitizers such as chlorine & hydrogen peroxide or the amount of Vitamin C in juice. The common factor in all these is that the measurement is made on a bulk solution. In other words, the liquid in question occupies some volume of a test tube, bottle or bucket.

Several of these strips have been repurposed for detecting residual levels of quat sanitizers & sulfite preservatives on the surfaces of things. Unfortunately, this has lead a misinterpretation of government regulations by so called experts who are either training or inspecting commercial food operations.
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Strong Chlorine Bleach
Old Chemical-New Bugs

Chlorine Bleach Disinfectant Test Strips

Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) has long been used to remove stains, treat drinking water & disinfect food preparation materials. Many other chemicals are now being used for sanitizing & disinfection but chlorine bleach is cheap, readily available & has found new life as a potent agent against dangerous bugs including viruses such as Ebola & bacteria such as MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus) & VRE (vancomicin resistant Enterococcus).
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Water Leak Detection: Roofs, Cars, Plumbing

Finding water where it shouldn’t be is a concern for not just homeowners but boaters, plumbers and product quality assurance departments. Here we discuss some inexpensive tools for water leak detection.

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