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Bees-Rooftop and Garden
Farming to the Rescue

Bees have been in the news frequently of late because of unexplained high mortality rates and their profound importance in the food chain. Without them, many of the agricultural products we take for granted would quickly disappear from menus everywhere.

There is some debate whether their distress and decline is due to pesticides or parasites but whatever the reason their impact on the agricultural economy merits investigation.

Dr. Ashley Bennett  of the University of New Mexico bought some insect pins from us for her bee collection and has kindly shared images and insights into her research which are presented below.
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Ring Stands: Garden, Hobby, Product Display

Old horror movies like Frankenstein or a modern crime dramas like Bones which feature  lab scences often show beakers & flasks with lab ring stands in “supporting” roles.

This basic chemistry lab equipment is actually quite versatile & can be put to many uses around the home or non-science business applications.

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Prism Art as Science Promotional Gifts

Glass Equilateral Prisms

What is more iconic & associated with Sir Isaac Newton,  a falling apple or glass prism? One reminds us his work on gravity held sway for centuries until Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The other informs us of his discovery that white sunlight is made up of a rainbow of colours.

These simple devices still anchor basic physics lab experiments but have found new, unrelated uses.
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Science Tools for Weight Loss

You’ve Lost the Weight; Now What?

At any time, it is fair to say that millions of people are on some weight loss program.  Those who have succeeded, we salute you. Success, nonetheless, comes with its own drawbacks. Read on for a simple but elegant solution to a common problem.

Note: we now use; ignore image references to our original domain,

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Graphite Aluminum Battery-DIY

Graphite Aluminum Batteries
The Advance We’ve Been Waiting For?

Fast charging long life batteries for cell phones, portable computers, electric cars & even solar power units have long been desired. Consumer products have become so sophisticated that even lithium batteries are now too limiting & their safety & environmental friendliness for disposal are of concern. The graphite aluminum battery may fix all that.

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