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Borosilicate lab glass for school, business or home. Safe to heat or store food & drink. Test tubes, beakers, Erlenmeyer & Florence flasks, and graduated cylinders. For sale as singles or big discounts by the box.

Michigan Chemistry Council

Chemistry Swag; Yes, There is Such a Thing.

Finding promotional items for convention giveaways that are memorable and last longer than the event itself are hard to find. Promoting your chemistry related organization, a bit of a “dry” subject to say the least, makes it even harder.  What better way to change that than to offer something that can hold a beverage? The Michigan Chemistry Council has handed out our 250ml glass beakers that we branded with their logo at 3 successive conferences with favorable feedback at all of them. Find out how we helped solve Michigan Chemistry’s branding and swag needs.

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100 ml graduated Cylinder

How to Read a Graduated Cylinder

What is a Graduated Cylinder?

A graduated cylinder is basically a test tube with volume markings. It has a spout for pouring and a built in base so it can stand upright on its own. They measure volumes accurately if reading technique is correct. The video below helps demonstrate this.  Continue reading

Test Tube Sculptures: Lab Series “Sliced”

Our customers buy glass test tubes for an impressive range of craft projects, most of which have little to do with science. The images shown below are another matter entirely and are perhaps one of the most unusual blends of art and science. The work speaks for itself but where it doesn’t, we use the artist’s or gallery’s own words.
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1000ml Erlenmeyer Flask Cork Bundle

What are Erlenmeyer Flasks Used For?
Laboratory Glass for Many Tasks!

What is an Erlenmeyer Flask?

Erlenmeyer flasks, also known as conical flasks,  are among the most recognized types of lab glassware and are routinely associated with science themed TV shows and movies.  Its conical shape and narrow neck are its distinguishing features.  The rimmed mouth acts as a lip for easy pouring and long neck allows for airtight storage when used with a  stopper. These features make them useful both in the lab and as novel kitchenware. Continue reading

Brandon Adams Elemental Design

What is a Test Tube Used For? Not Just Labs!

Test Tube Uses

Test tubes aren’t just for mixing chemicals or watching root growth. You’ll find them in the kitchen, restaurants and bars, as product samplers, at parties and even at weddings. We’ve listed just a few of the brilliant ideas sent in by our customers.

(Looking for Test Tubes with Stoppers?)
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Genesis Logo Original Grey

Let There be White: Genesis Promo Lab Beakers

 Custom imprinted science glassware with personal messages or corporate logos is becoming increasingly popular & not just for science and technology companies. Lab beakers are being used as shot glasses and drinking vessels by breweries and distilleries. Weddings see them put into service for holding candy and flowers. Here is an interesting example we recently did.   Continue reading