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Molecular models of important organic or biochemical compounds are useful for teaching, research & marketing.

NaCl Sodium Chloride

What is Sodium Chloride? Gatorade; Really?

Sodium chloride or table salt, has the familiar chemical formula NaCl.  We use it for melting ice, softening hard water and of course adding flavor to food. Its historic importance is evident to the extent that our word salary comes from the Latin for salt “salarium” since it was used as a form of payment.

It is also essential for biological function but its benefits are oversold by the companies that produce and market “sports” drinks.
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Zeolite Catalysts for Oil Cracking: Teaching Molecular Model

Star Trek fans will recall the episode “Devil in the Dark” where a silicon based creature burrowed through rock. While we know of no such animal, silicon does form a diverse range of molecules, suggesting it is not impossible. On Earth, it forms over 3000 different compounds. Many of these are silicates and an interesting subgroup of these are zeolite catalysts.

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Happy Winter Solstice Day

Happy Winter Solstice: DNA Model “Xmas” Tree

Prof. Paul Lacaze of Monash University in Melbourne, VI, Australia poses beside our
36 base pair “Big Bang Theory” DNA model in the picture below.

Paul is Head of the Public Health Genomics Program & recently took delivery of our best DNA molecular model.  It’s doing double duty as a Xmas tree which is a bit ironic since Melbourne will be close to 30o this Christmas.  All the best from us at Indigo Instruments where it will be much colder here in Waterloo.

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Model of Neodymium Iron Boron

Macromolecules-Really Big Molecular Models for Science, Display, Even Organizational Theory

Functional Groups-See the Difference?

Molecular models are important learning tools even now with computer versions available. Physical models help understand naming functional groups, see the importance of atom geometry, molecular symmetry, bond rotation & more. Teaching chemistry in an auditorium? Then you need extra large molecular models.
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Big Bang Theory DNA Model; Then & Now

It’s hard to believe 11 years have gone by since the Big Bang Theory debuted. For us at Indigo Instruments, this is particularly memorable since the new 11th season is the 10th anniversary of our DNA model(s) appearing in Sheldon & Leonard’s apartment.

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GlowBonds: Chemistry, Design, Cosplay Models

Molecular models have been essential teaching tools for chemistry, biology and crystallography for decades. Their predicted obsolescence due to computer modelling has proven unfounded as the importance of physical manipulation  is reiterated.

Indigo® GlowBonds™ add a new dimension as seen by the 6 examples  below.
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