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Best Magnifying Glass for Macular Degeneration?

The macula is the small part of the retina that allows you to see fine details in color. Macular degeneration causes a blank spot in the middle of your visual field.  As the condition worsens, you lose your ability to read or see faces.  There is no cure for this affliction but there is hope for one in the future.

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Printer’s Loupe Gold?

Humans & our primate relatives are unique when it comes to the perception of color. Among the mammals, only we have the ability to see our world in full color.  We take this for granted & only when we go to reproduce color images accurately in print & other media do we begin to appreciate how complex this process is.

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Realtor Magnifier Cards
Promote Your Brand

Need Personal Branding?

Location, location, location is a catchphrase we’ve all heard & immediately associate with real estate sales. For real estate agents & brokers themselves, personal branding  is especially important. You can see this in lawn signs, newspaper ads & bus stop benches, many of which feature a photo of the agent her/himself.  Standing out from the crowd is vital-find out why a personalized credit card magnifier has the best bang for the buck!

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Printers Loupe or Linen Tester-What to Use?

A printer’s loupe & a linen tester at first glance look to be the same.  When used as a linen tester threads in cloth are counted.  When used as a printers loupe the magnifier reveals the quality of printed photos.   A closer look reveals the difference. Read on to see pictures & more & what makes them different.

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Plastic Hand Lenses

What Magnifying Glass Do I Need for Biology?

 Field vs Lab Work

When we talk about magnification in biology we usually think of light or electron microscopes found in labs. Field work usually does not need this much magnification. If you are studying or identifying insects, plants, seeds or molds for ecology, horticulture, beekeeping or even farming, a much simpler method of magnification is all you need.

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Magnifying Glass for Reading? What do I Need?

At some time in our lives most of us are faced with print that is too small to read. A frequent question we get asked is “how strong a magnifying glass do I need” to read a book, newspaper, pill bottle, contract or map?  For most people, a simple & inexpensive hand held magnifying glass is all you need.
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