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Super strong neodymium rare earth magnets for science, engineering & industrial design. Guaranteed high performance with full technical documentation.

Bar magnets and accessories for studies in magnetism.

Magnetic Pendants by Helen Breil Designs

Magnetic Jewelry: Design Brooches & Pendants

Super strong, neodymium rare earth magnets are one of the hidden wonders of today’s technological society. They can be found in earbuds, vending machines, automobiles and security systems to name just a few applications.

Their strength and compactness make them particularly useful in arts and crafts. Read more about one of our customers who has put together some on-line instructional tutorials for making stunning magnetic jewelry.
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Earth's Magnetic Poles

Magnet Experiments for Kids at Home Or School

Reports that other planets may support life always refer to the presence of liquid water.  What is almost never mentioned is whether these planets have a strong magnetic field protecting them. This is one of the key reasons why Earth has an atmosphere and Mars doesn’t. This feature is important and simple bar magnets can demonstrate the nature of the Earth’s magnetic field. Continue reading

3D Printed Promotional Business Card Holder

We supply neodymium magnets for a broad range of applications. One of the more interesting uses was by Dave Durand  of ETATech3D in Brantford, Ontario (1 hour west of Toronto). He used some of our disc magnets in a product he designed and 3D printed for one of his customers.  We greatly appreciate his permitting us use of his images and description of the process verbatim as described below.

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