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Magnetic Pendants by Helen Breil Designs

Magnetic Jewelry: Design Brooches & Pendants

Super strong, neodymium rare earth magnets are one of the hidden wonders of today’s technological society. They can be found in earbuds, vending machines, automobiles and security systems to name just a few applications.

Their strength and compactness make them particularly useful in arts and crafts. Read more about one of our customers who has put together some on-line instructional tutorials for making stunning magnetic jewelry.
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printed promotional prisms

Glass Prisms as Science Promotional Gifts

Glass Prisms

What is more iconic & associated with Sir Isaac Newton,  a falling apple or glass prism? One reminds us his work on gravity held sway for centuries until Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The other informs us of his discovery that white sunlight is made up of a rainbow of colours.

These simple devices still anchor basic physics lab experiments but have found new, unrelated uses as gifts and trade show promotional items.
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Broccoli taste

PTC Taste Test Strips: Let’s Talk Science Outreach

PTC taste test strips have been used in biology genetics labs for years to demonstrate inheritance patterns. Their use has become popularized as a way to find “supertasters”; people with a heightened sense of taste. The Let’s Talk Science Outreach people at the University of British Columbia have kindly shared some of their experiences with us.
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Fossil Trilobites

Fossil Identification Field Magnifier: Study Trilobites, Ammonites, Stromatolites, Crinoids

Fossil identification is central to paleontology which is the study of living things now long dead & preserved in sedimentary rock. Most of these plants, animals and microbes are extinct but some have descendants that are alive today.  Comparing the past and the present puts paleontology at the intersection of biology and the study of rocks and minerals typically associated with geology. Both require magnifiers for field work and the requirements are discussed below.

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Glass Test Tubes & Cork Stoppers:
Versatile Chemistry Kitchenware

Test tubes, beakers and flasks are familiar science tools to anyone who ever studied science, especially biology and chemistry. They are practical for mixing, heating and storing liquids and powders. This attribute is popular with kitchen chemists and product packaging people.

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