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Can Supertaster Testing Reduce Food Waste?

Food waste has become a major issue since it is estimated that some 40% of all food that is produced is wasted. That is over 60 billion kilograms in North America alone. Recently, CALM (Canadian Ag Literacy Month) an organization in Saskatchewan decided to see if they could do something about it. CALM’s Christina Krysa sent us this report which we have included below & quote her directly.
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conch shell

Pinhole Photography & Eye Evolution

Insect pins are versatile tools we explored previously in Insect Pins, Not Just for Bugs. In it, we briefly mentioned this blog’s topic on pinhole photography.  This technique provides  an interesting twist on how a simple biology tool helps demonstrate a physics principle which in turn explains an important step in eye evolution.
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100 ml graduated Cylinder

How to Read a Graduated Cylinder

What is a Graduated Cylinder?

A graduated cylinder is basically a test tube with volume markings. It has a spout for pouring and a built in base so it can stand upright on its own. They measure volumes accurately if reading technique is correct. The video below helps demonstrate this.  Continue reading

NaCl Sodium Chloride

What is Sodium Chloride? Gatorade; Really?

Sodium chloride or table salt, has the familiar chemical formula NaCl.  We use it for melting ice, softening hard water and of course adding flavor to food. Its historic importance is evident to the extent that our word salary comes from the Latin for salt “salarium” since it was used as a form of payment.

It is also essential for biological function but its benefits are oversold by the companies that produce and market “sports” drinks.
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Magnetic Pendants by Helen Breil Designs

Magnetic Jewelry: Design Brooches & Pendants

Super strong, neodymium rare earth magnets are one of the hidden wonders of today’s technological society. They can be found in earbuds, vending machines, automobiles and security systems to name just a few applications.

Their strength and compactness make them particularly useful in arts and crafts. Read more about one of our customers who has put together some on-line instructional tutorials for making stunning magnetic jewelry.
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printed promotional prisms

Glass Prisms as Science Promotional Gifts

Glass Prisms

What is more iconic & associated with Sir Isaac Newton,  a falling apple or glass prism? One reminds us his work on gravity held sway for centuries until Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The other informs us of his discovery that white sunlight is made up of a rainbow of colours.

These simple devices still anchor basic physics lab experiments but have found new, unrelated uses as gifts and trade show promotional items.
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